LabelOn™ Benchtop Flat and Near Flat Label Applicator

Flat and Near Flat Surface Labeling

If your labeling tasks are now reaching 500 products a week or more, then you will appreciate how much time you will save with this and how much more consistent your product can look when you apply your labels with a semi automatic process.

Suitable for projects and labeling tasks where you have in excess of 500 products a week. This is a simple, cost effective mechanism to get your processes in line with being able to supply the small, the medium, and gearing up for the big guys.

The LabelOn™ range extends beyond this semi-automated LabelOn™ Benchtop Range.

The next step from this range would be the LabelOn™ Mini where you have a small footprint inline machine with its own conveyor. This range is small to medium volume labeling capacity.

Following the Mini Range is the LabelOn™ Basic range where you have a medium footprint, higher capacity dedicated product range capability with medium to high volume labeling capacity.

The step beyond the LabelOn™ Basic range is the LabelOn™ Modular or Contractor range. This is a full sized inline machine with unparalleled versatility and configured for the most efficient and intuitive product changes possible.

Flat and Near Flat Label Applicator
LabelOn Benchtop Flat and Near Flat Bottles
Labeling Machine Specifications:

Series: LabelOn™ Benchtop
Model: Flat and Near Flat
Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (±1/16th inch)
Typical Labeling speed: 8 to 30 Pieces / min
Product Height: 25mm to 190mm (1.0 inch to 7.5 inch)
Product Width: 25mm to 190mm (1.0 inch to 7.5 inch)
Product Thickness: 2.54mm to 190mm (0.1 inch to 7.5 inch)
Label Length: 12.7mm to 127mm (½ inch to 5.0 inch )
Label Height: 12.7mm to 127mm (½ inch to 5.0 inch)
Label Roll Core: ID Φ76 mm (ID Φ 3 inch)
Label Roll Diameter: OD Φ304mm (OD Φ up to 12 inch)
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 711mm×387mm×355mm (28 inch×15¼ inch×14 inch)
Power supply: 110/220V 50/60HZ
Total Power: 200W
Air Pressure (PSI): 40+ PSI


LabelOn™ Round, Oval and Flat Labeling

Round, Oval and Flat – Single and Double Sided Labeling

If you have requirements of 1000 pcs a week or more, the LabelOn™ Bechtop Flat and Oval 1 or 2 labels machine will pay for itself extremely quickly. It will also make your shelf presence look like you were using accurate packaging equipment 4 or 5 times more expensive than this unit.

We can even configure this machine (at point of manufacture) so that it achieves an astonishing feat – a single full wrap of an oval product!!

Flat and Oval One or Two Sides
LabelOn Basic Oval Double Sided Better Pic
Labeling Machine Specifications:
Series: LabelOn™ Benchtop
Model: Flat and Oval One or Two Sides
Labelling accuracy: ±1.0mm
Typical Labelling speed: 8 to 15 Pieces / min
Product Height: 25mm to 250mm
Product Width: 25mm to 150mm
Product Thickness: 5mm to 125mm
Label Length: 12.5mm to 250mm
Label Height: 12.5mm to 150mm
Label Roll Core: ID Φ76 mm
Label Roll Diameter: OD Φ280mm
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 850mm×410mm×720mm
Power supply: 110/220V 50/60HZ
Total Power: 145W
Air Pressure (Mpa): 0.4 to 0.6Mpa



Benchtop Series

Mini Applicators

LabelOn™ Benchtop Machines

Benchtop Labeling Machine Series

LabelOn™ is pleased to add to its range, a machine that will provide relief to those struggling to hand label Oval or Flat and near Flat products.


Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling Machine

LabelOn™ Mini Tabletop Round Bottle Label Applicator

Can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. Suitable for small production.

Labeling Machine Features: Round-Bottle-Labeler-Machine

  • Automated labeling for up to 85% wrap labels on straight-sided round bottles at speeds of 20-50 bottles per minute
  • No adjustments needed: built-in conveyor automatically matches label speed.
  • Labeling accuracy ± 1mm (± 1/25th inch)
  • Automatic label sensor detection with built-in label stop position auto-adjustment
  • Individual label height of 12 mm (½ inch) to almost 102 mm (4 inches) tall
  • Individual label width of 12 mm (½ inch) to almost 305 mm (12 inches) long
  • Compact footprint machine length 914 mm (3 feet)

Labeler Machine Specifications:

  • Footprint size 950mm (37 inches) long x 890mm (35 inches) wide x 450mm (18 inches) tall
  • Label Roll 75mm (3 inch core) inner diameter; 300mm (12 inch) outer roll diameter
  • Power 110v 50/60Hz
  • Label head stepper motor
  • Emergency safety Off button
  • SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame construction

Labeling Equipment Function:
  • For general round labeling
Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Optional Accessories:

  • Transparent label sensor
  • Date coder
  • Pneumatic wrap station
  • Hot-stamp coder

Label applicator:

  • Powered by stepper motor
  • Max peeling speed at 13 meters/min
  • Latest label-gap sensation system with Leuze digital sensor, no need to change for different labels or products
  • KEYENCE Sensitivity product sensor
  • Labeling height(Y axis) changeable with indicator
  • X axis able to fine tune
  • Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm (± 1/25th inch) depend on bottle and label[column]

Apply label:

  • For non-clear adhesive label or pressure-sensitive label
  • Max standard label: (W)100 mm (or approx. 4 inches) (L)300 mm (or approx. 12 inches)
  • Inner label roll: 75mm (or approx. 3 inches)
  • Max outer label roll: 300mm (or approx. 12 inches)

Control System:

  • Program by microprocessor board, only one board with easy maintenance
  • Digital labeling parameters: start delay, peel length (and peeling speed , if no encoder)
  • Applicator switch

Wrap station:

  • Sponge belt driven by speed control motor
  • Applicator synchronized by encoder
  • Bottle diameter adjustment

Conveyor and frame:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Standard width: 95mm (or 3 3/4 inches)
  • Speed adjustable motor driven

Top Labeler With or Without Feeders

Automated Standalone Top Labeler

Suitable for various flat products such as plastic boxes, DDR, note book, aluminum foil bags, etc. It can be connected to production line to increase production.

Labeling Machine Features:LabelOn Mini Round Top Labeler

  • Adjustable labeling height and angle.
  • Digital control panel controls labeling speed and labeling delay time.
  • Easy to set and read, user friendly Microprocessor and LED screen.
  • Automatic label sensor detection with built-in label stop position ,auto-adjustment
  • No adjustments needed: built-in conveyor automatically matches label speed.; with labeling spacer and counter.
  • Labeling accuracy ±1mm1/25th inch)

Labeler Machine Specifications:

  • Footprint size 950mm (37 inches) long x 580mm (23 inches) wide x 730mm (29 inches) tall
  • Label Roll 75mm (3 inch) core inner diameter; 300mm (12 inch) outer roll diameter
  • Power 110v 50/60Hz
  • Label head stepper motor, Labeling speed: 30~60 pcs / min (depends on containers and labels size)
  • High quality aluminum alloy and Stainless Steel construction.
Label Applicator Available Accessories :
  • Date coder
  • Transparent label sensor
Pouch Labeler or Bag Labeler
Lid Labeler

LabelOn™ Mini Series

LabelOn™ is introducing the newest addition to its line of labeling machines, the LabelOn™ Mini Series.

LabelOn™ Mini are Tabletop Labeling Machines with smaller footprints designed for smaller businesses or start up companies who understand the struggle of placing labels to their products by hand. They can be widely used in different size bottles designed for smaller production run.

The LabelOn™ Mini Tabletop Label Applicators do everything their more expensive counterpart machines do, but with the fraction of the cost. The demand for these smaller labeler machines is undeniable. Highly accurate, they will apply your labels quickly and efficiently which saves you valuable time and make a huge statement in the appearance of your finished product.

The LabelOn™ Modular Labeling Machines

Label Applicators

The LabelOn™ Modular represents a machine concept born from extensive labeling experience.This experience involved design, sales, and overseas distributor establishment.  Distributors in over a dozen developed and emerging economies enjoyed remote servicing, sales support and frequent visits.

LabelOn Modular Labeling Machine 1What you are seeing is the result of that experience – the LabelOn Modular label applicator. It is a labeler that can be sold and represented throughout the world.  This machine is manufactured and configured in modules to cover a vast majority of the most common labeling tasks.

This LabelOn Modular machine has modules available to label front and back labeling of Flat Sided Bottles ,   Oval Sided Bottles and Round Bottles or Jars.

The Round products can have a single label of up to 100% Wrap label. The Round bottles can also have their label or labels placed; orientated to a reference feature or mark like a bottle handle or a pre-existing label.

Extra Labeling System

Adding to this impressive configuration of modules is the Extra Labeling System or E.L.S. – seen here ready to label LabelOn Modular Labeling Machinethe top of a product as it passes through the LabelOn Modular machine. On its own the ELS  is an impressive piece of labeling equipment, capable of placing spot labels from Above, the Side or On to angled panels like necks of bottles.  The ELS can be wheeled up to existing conveyor lines to work in a Stand-Alone Capacity.  However, the real ingenuity of the ELS is its design to “dock” with the LabelOn modular machine and synchronize to the modules of the main machine.  Even its controls are passed over to the Main LabelOn modular unit.

Clients, like contractors with multiple lines, will appreciate having one or two ELS systems that can dock in minutes to one of their more numerous LabelOn Modular machines for when promotional spot labels are required; say on the neck of the bottle or even its cap.

For a given labeling task the required modules integrate smoothly and present a machine that has the adjustments and feel of a machine that was dedicated to that task. Adjustments are easy to make and self-evident in most cases. These adjustments are easy to record and replicate for future runs.

Labeling Machine Support System

Extensive 3D mechanical records, and comprehensive electrical records of each machine enable over the phone and internet based sessions to quickly identify service items or parts.  To date, we have not come across a service requirement where a LabelOn technician had to attend on site; it was all handled remotely.

The LabelOn Modular Machine offers:

  • Unprecedented versatility and upgrade paths
  • Technology utilised to the fullest for machine service and support
  • Intuitive and predictable machine adjustments and
  • Amazing value for this level of labeling equipment

Used Labelling Machine Buying Guide

Label On Labelling Machine

Having decided it is definitely time to automate your label application, the next step is finding a labeller that you can afford.
Labelling a flat or oval sided bottle you can be faced with new machine proposals that range from USD 30K to USD 120K. Labelling a round bottle can involve new machine proposals of USD 13K to USD 100K. These price tags can be scary and fall into a range that you simply cannot afford.

A potentially very low cost source for second hand and used labelling equipment are auctions for packaging equipment. A simply internet search will bring up many auction houses and listings. There are also places that buy up lots of surplus or liquidated packaging lines and then offer the line components separately.

Labelling Machine

Ideally you will have well qualified electrical and electronic staff and a good mechanical workshop to support the used labelling machinery. The model machine you find should be a machine that spare parts can be purchased from the manufacturer or the representative to that manufacturer. A good preliminary step would be to do research on the cost and availability of spare parts for that model from that manufacturer. A word of warning here, some used equipment may be past the service life of the machine and hence spare parts may no longer be available.

When reviewing the used label applicator you locate there may not be the luxury of seeing the machine operate or having a guarantee the machine will work for your application. Therefore, look for machinery that, when advertised, is advertised as “versatile”. If you are not sure about what a versatile labelling machine means take a good look around the LabelOn™ Modular Label Applicators.

The machinery should have facilities for very easy and quick adjustments to cater for product a wide range of product widths and heights. The label Heads should have tilt controls in two directions. Tilt adjustments should be available along the direction of the product conveyor and towards the product conveyor. Given there is double axis tilt control there is a very good chance the machine can be configured to the shape of your product, from the shape of the products for which the used equipment was originally produced and supplied. The electronics should be Modular and ideally plug in and plug out electronics. The electronics should use standard components. Steer very clear of used label applicators that have proprietary electronics and touch controls as these will usually be very expensive to replace and very difficult to repair without paying top dollar from the machine supplier.
Wherever possible get as much information from the original machine supplier to determine the capability and serviceability of the used label applicator. There are bargains to be found and there are cheap used labelling machines to be found, on some rare occasions it can turn out to be that $50 lying on the side of the road that nobody else noticed. In most cases used labeling machines will represent a compromise on what you need as compared to what is available.